How can I save slides I like to my personal library?

If you wish to add them quickly, we suggest watching this video with the latest software update.

You can also upload perosnal slides in this way:

1) First open the SlideHub Add-in and click on “Insert Personal Slides”

2) Then, click on the top right button, where it says “Manage Slides”

3) Click on “Add Slides” on the top section.

4) Upload your presentation. You can now choose between adding all of the slides as separate slides or as an entire document.

5) Choose Categories and Subcategories to find your slides or slides easily in the future.

6) Select the slides that you would like to add.
If this are designs or formats you constantly use, we suggest you mark them as “High Priority” to see them at the top whenever you go to your library overview.

That’s it! Now you will see your personal slides whenever you go to “Personal slides” in the Overview section.

Your personal slides can be very valuable to the rest of your team. You can upload them to the Company Slides and improve your company’s library content or ask your Company Manager to share them with the rest of your company.

If you require more help or still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Success Team.
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