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How to get started with Asset Platform

With SlideHub you can build better presentations, faster.
You can use different tools for different tasks. Below are the 5 main tools:

1. Company slides and team slides: Are best-practice slides and presentations in your company’s style.

Use-case example: You need to build a proposal and you insert the slides you need to get started

If you would like to know more about company slides, we suggest you read this article:

2. Inspiration Slides: Use inspiration slides when you have some content on your slide that needs to be visually appealing.

Use-case example: You have a 5-step customer journey (awareness, consideration, purchase, retention and advocacy) that needs to look like a funnel.

Check out everything you can do with inspiration slides here.

3. Personal slides: Store your personal slides directly in PowerPoint.

Use-case example: Instead of storing in some random folder or your desktop they will be available directly in PowerPoint

You can read more about Personal Slides in this article.

4. Icons and Flags: Insert icons to make it faster for your audience to digest your message. You can also insert flags.

Use-case example: You want to insert some icons to take your slides to the next level

You can read more about icons here.

Images and Illustrations: Insert images (both Unsplash and company) or illustrations to make your slides more visually appealing.

Use-case example: You have slides with few words or content and want to grab the attention of your audience

You can read more about Images and Illustrations in this article.

Contribute Slides to your Company Library

Use-case example: You have created a really creative slide that the rets of your team could use as well.

You can share your contributions, your company library Managers will be able to review them, share them and see how many you have contributed.

Are you ready to join SlideHub and change the way in which you build your presentations? Reach out to us to know more!

Updated on: 11/09/2022

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