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How to manage contributions

The more organized slides you have in your library, the more likely you are to find what you are looking for. Although you and your colleagues may want to help share your best slides, this could become complex for them because:

• They don’t know who is responsible for your company library and company slides
• They might be afraid to overwrite existing slides or delete old versions
• They can’t easily do it in PowerPoint

Additionally, there is no recognition if they share slides – even though this adds a ton of value for all colleagues.

 Our new contribution feature makes it easy to contribute/share slides so your company library can grow, and you and your colleagues can leverage each other’s best-practice slides.

How does it work? (Owner, manager or gatekeeper)

Team members in your organization with roles of either owner, managers or gatekeepers will be able to submit, but also review contributions from other team members.

If you want to know who has access and what their level of permissions are, we suggest you visit this article. (

To review contributions, go to “Manage Library Content”, then to “Contribute Slides” and then go the “All Contributions”.

Once inside this section you will find all contributions from your team members. They can be “Pending”, “Rejected” or “Completed”
Pending: Means that no one in your organization has reviewed them or acted on them.
Rejected: The contributions don’t align with the Manager, or Gatekeepers guidelines and decided to not add it to the company’s library.
Completed: The contribution add value to your organizations and was added to the company library.

How can I review the contributions in detail?

To view details of a particular contribution, click on “View” to the right side of the individual contribution.
To view Active contributions, or contributions from your organization that require attention click on the tab that says “Active”.

Active contributions allow Managers, owners, and gatekeepers to take action or to assign someone else to review specific slides.

SlideHub allows slides to be in either of 3 stages: pending manager assessment, ongoing, or final review.
Pending Manager: No one has reviewed or opened slides to review them
Ongoing: Someone has taken the contribution and is taking action.
Final review: A specific contribution is almost ready to be added to the company’s library.

Add to library directly: Add the slide or slides submitted by a contributor to the company library immediately.
Mark as pending: Send a contribution to the main view and allow it to be seen by any other manager or gatekeeper to take action.
Request review: Choose someone else from your organization to look into a specific contribution.
Send a message to contributor: Make suggestions or ask questions to the contributor.
Update responsible: Choose someone else to be the owner of a contribution.
Decline the slide: Reject the contribution and don’t allow it to be added to the company’s library.

After you select any action, you will be able to notify the responsible via email. This will save time to keep people responsible at your organization updated with any changes.

That’s it! Now you can manage contributions made by your colleagues and have great content added easily to the company’s library.

If you still have questions don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success team. We’ll be happy to help!

Updated on: 10/25/2022

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