As a manager you can edit settings for your colleagues’ personal vaults.

To manage vault permissions, go to “Manage library content”, then go to “Software Settings”. Then, go to the section “Personal Slide Settings”.

What can I manage?

Slide Vault Availability
You can switch the personal vault on and off for your users.

SlideHub always recommends switching on the personal vault as it gives your users a place to store their personal slides – otherwise, they might just store them on their desktop or similar non-compliant places.
Over time, the slides from the Personal Slide Vaults can also feed into your company library.

User’s availability to overwrite access settings
It enables users to overwrite access settings, you grant the users permission to overwrite what the admin set.

ProTip: Enable overwriting if you want to give your users more privacy and full flexibility.

Default Access level to personal slide vault
Decide who gets to see the content in your team members’ personal vaults.

• Only individual users
• Managers and gatekeepers
• Full company

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