Why set-up automatic inspiration colors?
Automatic inspiration colors let's you determine the colors your inspiration slides should have when inserted into your presentation. It saves you time so you don't have to make color adjustments manually.

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How to set-| up automatic inspiration colors

1) Login to your account: https://app.slidehub.io/login
2) Go to https://app.slidehub.io/home#/library-management/
3) Click on Templates & Colors
4) Click Create new in the lower right corner
5) Select your template (if you have not uploaded a template you can view that here)
6) Select the specific layout to be applied when inserting the slide
7) Select your primary colors. The first primary color you select should be lighter than your second primary color for the best result
8 ) Select your secondary colors. The first secondary color you select should be lighter than your second secondary color for the best result
9) Set your text and background color
10) Determine if you wan to keep icons. Keep them if you want to inspire your team to use icons. Remove if your team are familiar with icons
11) Select the font that should be used on your inspiration slides. Using the normal body text font is the best option.
12) Save the name of the inspiration colors
13) Make the colors default if they are your main colors for your company. The-use case for not making an inspiration color default could be a client not everybody is working on or if you have different teams or business units
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