The Personal Slide Vault is your personal slide library where you can upload and store your PowerPoint slides.

Why use the Personal Slide Vault
Availability: Your slides will be in the cloud so you can still access them if your laptop crashes or is stolen
Searchability: You can search based on keywords, tags or categories similar to inspiration slides and company slides. This makes it faster to find the slides you are looking for instead of having one large/heavy deck without categorization
Shareability: In the future it will be possible to share your Personal Slide Vault with the SlideHub company account owner which means your work and slides can help your colleagues build better presentations, faster

How does it work
The functionality is similar to the company library. You out this article:

Who can see my slides?
In the first version only you will be able to view your slides but future versions will allow company managers to view your personal vault. Please upload slides as you would do to One-drive, Sharepoint or other asset management system your company use.

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