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What are company slides?

Company slides are PowerPoint slides approved by your company you can use to build new presentations. You can also contribute slides to the company library to help increase the size of your organization’s library.

To insert company slides, click on “Insert Company & Team Slides”. Here you will find content created by your company.

ProTip: Instead of “Company” you will find the name of your company written there

As with inspiration slides, you can choose to insert one slide , multiple slides or an entire presentation.

Insert one slide:

To insert one slide, hover on top of that individual slide and click on “Insert”.

You can even choose to open that slide in a new presentation, to open it and use the template you are currently using or to maintain the template that slide already comes with.
We suggest using the “Insert & use active template” option when you’re in the correct template already.

Insert an entire presentation:

Entire presentations will appear with a pink sticker and a clip icon in the top-right corner. To insert the full presentation, hover on the presentation and then click on “Insert All”

ProTip: You can also look for a specific slide within that presentation by clicking on “View Slides”

Insert multiple slides

If you wish to build a new presentation using existing slides, simply select the individual slides you would like to insert and click on “Insert Selected”.
Selected slides will be marked by a checkmark inside of a pink circle.

ProTip: The order in which you select the slides will be the order in which they will appear in your PowerPoint presentation.

How can I save my favorite slides?

Mark the ones you use the most as “Favorites”. Hover on top of the slide you like and click on the star icon.

Slides with the star icon marked will also appear under the “Favorites” category.

How can I find specific slides?

You can find slides by categories created by your company, through keywords, or by right-clicking on a specific word in your presentation.

Company Categories:

Go to the left side of your menu and filter content based on categories created by your company. This is a great way to search if you don’t have a specific keyword in mind or are just looking for inspiration.


Write specific words on the search bar. You can even find slides that contain that specific term.


Right-click over a word on your presentation and search that term directly through the SlideHub library.

Find content exclusively created for your Team

If you are part of a SlideHub Team, you can also find content created only for that Team. You can see your teams on the left side of the menu.

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Updated on: 04/18/2023

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