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What is the process of sending a Task?

1) Complete the “Quality Alignment and Onboarding if you are a Manager”

Before your company begins sending tasks to our team, we must make sure SlideHub understands your preferences and branding guidelines. If your company has already gone through this process, you can continue to the next step.

Quick overview on the Process of sending a task


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2) Create a task

You can send a task directly through our platform or from the PowerPoint Add-In. Just click on the Button “Send Task & Task Overview”

3) Select on which slides we should work on.

If you’re using PowerPoint then you can add slides directly from your active presentation.

4) Select the type of work we should apply

Remember that we have 5 types of tasks. You can read more about them here. (LINK TO ARTICLE ON TYPES OF TASKS)

5) Choose a deadline for your task:

Take into account that we have a minimum 6-hour turnaround time.

6) Select the Budget you would like to use for this task.

Once you have selected the work you require, you can send it to us, and our Project Managers will scope it and start working on it.

After the approval is made, the Project Manager will make a final quality check to the file. Note that our Project Managers have a Design background, which makes them able to capably check the final projects with a thorough eye.

We kindly ask you to stay online for at least 20 minutes after submitting a task just to answer potential questions our team has.

If you require to book capacity we suggest you reading this article.

7) Receive your file

Once we have worked on your file, the Project Manager will approve it and send it back through the platform. The Requester will receive an email regarding the file reception and will be able to download it through the link inside the email or via our Customer Portal.

In case the Requester will need edits on the final file, we also provide that

8) Give us feedback

Once you have received your file you can give us feedback through email. We will use the feedback

This process has been continuously iterated so our Customers can have the best experience on our platform. For extra information regarding how the service works, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Updated on: 12/15/2022

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