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How will SlideHub handle confidentiality?

Client NDA

At SlideHub we take confidentiality seriously and thus we encourage the client to sign an NDA. This NDA can be the standard provided by SlideHub or an NDA provided by the client.

SlideHub's standard NDA

The NDA covers the basic clauses that you are expected to find in an NDA while also allowing SlideHub to work comfortably supporting our business model.

Client NDA

If you have an NDA that you want to use instead of the one provided by SlideHub, we can accommodate that. Your NDA will be reviewed by our Customer Success team who will get back to you with suggested edits if needed.

Preserving confidentiality


All designers have received training in how to ensure confidentiality when working on client files.

Identity verification


All designers are validated using the PayPal API for account credential verification. Since PayPal has strict requirement to validated accounts, SlideHub can lean on their security processes.


All designers must logon to our systems, using 2-Factor-Authentication, using either their phone or email account as validation each time.

If you would like to know more do contact our Customer Success Team.

Updated on: 05/13/2024

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