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Billing FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding billing preferences and changes, invoices and payment methods.

How can I update my company information for invoicing?

If you have Owner, Manager or Accountant role, you can edit all information in your company profile within our platform. This will also update your company's invoicing information. Just go to manage view > Account Setting > Billing.

Company Account Settings

The same goes for the default invoicing contacts. If by any chance you need help updating this information, you can also write directly to either our Finance Team or Customer Success Teams.

Can I add a PO to my invoices?

Yes. You can either use the PO number as an accounting reference per each task ordered or, if you issue a PO for the whole service, it will appear on the upper left side in the EAN field. In the case of the latter, please make sure to state that this is required to either our Customer Success Team or our Finance Team and please send us the PO beforehand.

What type of information can I expect to see in each monthly invoice?

If you use both the software and service, you will receive separate invoices where you'll be able to see the cost and summary of each.

For the service:

Each invoice has the total hours used during the month as well as all individual requester's specific totals for the month. If you have accounting references, each line will be organized according to these and not by requester.

Depending on your payment model (pre-paid credits or custom subscription), your invoice can differ a bit.

For custom subscriptions
In the invoice each line has a total amount of hours, the hourly rate, and the total amount to be paid per each requester or accounting reference. At the end of the invoice, on the right side, you can find the total amount to be paid and the VAT amount, if applicable. If you have a minimum hour’s deal, you’ll also have a summary of the number of hours used and the amount of unused hours that will be available next month.

For pre-paid credits
With this model, clients pre-pay for service hours (credits) that they then use. When the credit number is low, it can be refilled either with manual purchase or automatic refill. So, whenever you purchase a credit you'll receive an invoice. With this type of payment model you'll still receive a monthly "invoice", but that will mostly function as an overview of the service usage based on requester or project ID.

Example of usage summary

For the software:

Your invoice will include the number of registered users for a particular month multiplied by the user fee. It will be charged directly to the registered credit card or you can pay it through bank transfer.

Can I know who requested specific design projects in my invoice?

In each invoice, you have a specific line for each requester. If you added an accounting reference (project ID / project code), these lines will be divided according to these and not by requester, but the e-mail account of each requester is still included in each line.
For this information to be available in each invoice, please make sure each requester has their own account. If everyone uses the same requester name that will be the only one appearing in your invoice. This applies both to tasks and credit purchases.

Where can I see my invoices?

All invoices are sent, either upon purchase in case of design credit packs, directly to the requestor, or to the contact e-mail provided in your profile, in case of monthly invoicing.
You can see all your invoices in the Invoices tab in your profile within our platform.

You can read more about this here.

When I provide a Credit Card will my invoices be charged directly?

Although we always ask for a credit card as part of our onboarding process, we don't charge the card directly unless the client explicitly ask us to do so.
The only exception to these is credit purchases done directly from our platform or when you pay for the platform license.
If you prefer not to be charged directly, please make sure to do the credit purchases either through our Delivery Team or our Customer Success Team.

How can I pay my invoice?

You can use a debit card, credit card, or you can pay by bank transfer. If you save a credit card to your account, your invoices will be paid automatically.
On each invoice, you’ll find a green button that will forward you to an online payment page for both credit and debit cards.

Also, in the lower left side of the invoice, you’ll find SlideHub’s banking information for bank transfers. If you wish to read about this in more detail you can go to this link.

How do I get specific project codes for each task in my invoice?

When requesting a task in our platform, one of the fields available is called project code. This is where you can add any specific accounting, project, or invoicing code you want linked to that specific project. This data is then passed on automatically to your invoice.
If you’re requesting a task via e-mail, please make sure you mention that you want the task to have a specific project code so it can be added by the Project Manager manually.

To whom are the invoices sent to?

The contact person to whom the invoices are sent to is defined by the client upon setting up their profile in our platform.
If want the invoices to be forwarded to someone else, please change the contact e-mail in your profile or reach out to our Finance Team.

Set up your accounting email

What happens after my invoice becomes overdue?

After an invoice becomes overdue, you’ll receive an e-mail from our Finance Team notifying you that this happened.
After that, if the invoice stays overdue, you’ll receive reminders on a weekly basis until the invoice is paid. If an invoice becomes overdue for 1 month, SlideHub will apply a 2% late fee to that invoice.
If you wish to know more, you can go to this article.

How long does it take for my invoice to become overdue?

Our invoicing policy states that all invoices have a standard 15-day deadline to be paid. Nevertheless, there is a possibility to negotiate a longer payment timeframe when setting up your service agreement.

Can I get my invoice with a different company name?

Yes, but to do so, you’ll have to set up a new company account under a different name. This way, all projects that are meant to be invoiced under the new company will be linked to it and invoiced under that name automatically.

Why am I receiving an invoice with 0?

For clients with custom subscription - Before receiving your invoice you will receive a task summary, this will include all tasks and hours spent, but not the total due. This can be helpful to confirm the information before receiving the actual invoice.
For clients with pre-paid credits - As you have already pre-paid for the credits, we send you a usage summary at the end of each month, so you can have an overview of your credit status and history.

If you would like to, you can also see your credit usage on the platform.

For any invoice or payment related questions, please reach out to our Finance Team. If you have any pricing, hourly rate, or platform profile-related questions, please reach out to our Customer Success Team.

Updated on: 05/13/2024

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