Type of payment methods

Default payment method
The default payment method are Credit Card. In order to pay with Credit Card, you need to have a valid Credit Card associated with your account.

Payment with bank transfer
Invoices are issued at the end of the month. Even though your payment method are bank transfer, the invoice can still be paid with credit card.

Payment with Credit Card
Invoices are issued at the end of the month. When we issue an invoice to be paid with credit card, it automatically gets charged to the associated card.

Pay with Credit Card

Settings and changing the payment method
If you want to pay by Bank Transfer instead of Credit Card, you need to submit a request for bank transfer either login in on our Customer Portal or contact your assigned Customer Success Manager.

Payment Method

Getting improvement for bank transfer
In order to be eligible for bank transfer, your account needs to be vetted by one of our Customer Success Managers. The outcome of the vetting is based on your company size, country and the payment history that you have with us.
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