Adding inspiration colors is helpful when you:

Work in your client’s templates and use their colors
Want the inspiration slides to have a particular set of colors when you insert inspiration slides to your presentation

If you prefer, you can look at this video.

1) Login to your account:

2) Click on “Contribute company Slides”

3) Go to “Personal Slides” on the left of your dashboard.

4) Click on “Templates and “Colors” on the top and then click on “Create New”

5) Select a template from which you would like to obtain a color palette. You can even include a new one you had worked with recently.

6) Select a specific slide from which you would like to obtain colors.

7) Select your primary colors. The first primary color you select should be lighter than your second primary color for the best result.

8) Select your secondary colors. The first secondary color you select should be lighter than your second secondary color for the best result

9) Set your text and background color

10) Determine if you want to keep icons. Keep them if you want to inspire your team to use icons. Remove if your team is familiar with icons.

11) Select the font that should be used on your inspiration slides. Using the normal body text font is the best option.

12) Save the name of the inspiration colors

13) Choose between having those colors as default or additional template colors.

Why should I set up automatic inspiration colors?
Automatic inspiration colors allows you to determine the colors your inspiration slides should have when inserted into your presentation. It saves you time so you don't have to make color adjustments manually each time.

Who can set up the library colors?
All user roles except accountant

Why would I add colors different to the ones of my company?
This happens often when a certain organization member keeps working with a specific client and needs to keep presentations consistent not only for its own company, but for their customers as well.

If you need help to set up, you company’s colors you can send a message to our Customer Success Team and we’ll be happy to assist you.
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