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How to contribute content

If you use a specific slide, document or spreadsheet and believe that the rest of your company would also find it useful then you probably want to share it. However, it is common that company members are unsure who is the correct person to send material to and end up storing great and valuable content for themselves.

If this has ever happened to you, we suggest trying our feature "Contribute Content". Your organization will be able to leverage your material to build quality slides, documents and spreadsheets in less time. You might even inspire other people to share their best files too so you can leverage what they have built. Over time, this will lead to more slide, document and spreadsheet options to choose from across your entire organization.

How can I contribute to the company library?

For presentations, open SlideHub in PowerPoint. Then go to the lower part of the Add-In, where you will see “Contribute or add slide(s)”

After clicking on it, you will be given the option to select if you wish to add a slide to your personal library or to the company library.
Click on “Contribute to company”. Then choose which slides should be shared.

For Word or Excel, you will need to click on ”Manage Assets”

Next you will need to select your “Company vault”, and then choose the type of document you wish to contribute to the company library.

Once the file has been uploaded you will need to set its categories, subcategories and tags.
And that’s it! Now your slides will be reviewed by someone from your organization.

How can I review my contributions?

You can review your contributions by clicking on “Contributions”. To access this panel, click on the words “Contributions” and then select “My Contributions”.

When it appears as “scoping” it means someone at your organization needs to review it before deciding what to do.
You can find more details by clicking on “View”. If you wish to add comments or share additional information to the person reviewing your slides, you can do it in the new window.

You can also add more contributions in the “Contribute” tab.

To upload a contribution, select a file, add any comment, and click on “Submit”. A manager or gatekeeper will review your contribution and add it to the library if approved.

That’s it! If you want to know who the top contributors are at your organization, you can view that too.

If you need additional help, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Customer Success Team at SlideHub.

Updated on: 09/07/2023

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