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How to get started with the SlideHub Asset Platform

The SlideHub Asset Platform allows you to quickly access and customize company assets easily to create materials that fully align with company branding and efficient knowledge management. By combining your company materials with SlideHub assets, we aim to ensure that the Platform is impactful from the very beginning. SlideHub is available in PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Outlook. The user experience across these apps has been designed to be as similar as possible, but at the same time is optimized for the possibilities within each application.

Watch our features walkthrough below to get started with the asset platform:


Streamline PowerPoint proposals and solve slide chaos.
You can use different tools for different tasks. The image below shows what you have access to in PowerPoint.

We shall now introduce the 5 main tools you will use.

Company slides: Clicking the topmost button will take you to company slides. This is a collection of the best-practice slides and presentations in your company’s style.

Use-case: You are building a proposal and all you need to do is insert the slides you need to get started

If you would like to know more about company slides, we suggest you read this article.

Inspiration Slides: Use inspiration slides when you have some content on your slide that needs to be visually appealing.

Use-case example: You have a 5-step customer journey (awareness, consideration, purchase, retention and advocacy) that needs to look like a funnel.

Check out everything you can do with inspiration slides here.

Learn how to change the colour of inspiration slides from this article.

Icons, Flags or Logos: Insert icons to make it faster for your audience to digest your message. You can also insert flags and logos for well-known companies.

Use-case example: You want to insert some icons, flags or logos to take your slides’ visuals to the next level

You can read more about icons, flags and logos here.

Images and Illustrations: Insert images or illustrations to make your slides more visually appealing. You can choose from your company-provided images or the royalty-free images and illustrations SlideHub offers. This feature is available in Word, Excel and Outlook too.

Use-case example: You have slides with few words or content and want to grab the attention of your audience

You can read more about Images and Illustrations in this article.

Contribute Slides to your Company Library

Use-case example: You have created a really creative slide that the rest of your team could use as well.

You can upload your slides, and once your company library Managers have reviewed and approved them, they will be available to your colleagues companywide. If your slides contain confidential information, use our redaction tool to remove it from your presentation before contributing it to the company vault.


With SlideHub for Word accessing documents and other assets is just as simple and easy as with PowerPoint. The logic and the structure are the same as in PowerPoint.
Use-case example: terms and conditions, contracts, standard letterheads, survey questions, business descriptions for proposals and more.

Insert company documents: with just a few clicks

Insert company slide: as an image

Use-case example: Illustrate specific points in official materials with on-brand and stunning visuals. PowerPoint slides can only be edited in PowerPoint, that is why in Word and Excel slides can only be inserted as images.


SlideHub for Excel streamlines the creation of spreadsheets with the same efficiency as in PowerPoint and Word.

Insert spreadsheets into your excel files without any effort


With SlideHub for Outlook, you can attach company assets to your emails quickly. Add them to your emails in their original format or automatically transform them into a PDF file. Attach personalised and updated files when combined with placeholders to amend data like contact info, client names, and dates. Text snippets are an additional powerful tool to streamline communications.

Are you ready to join SlideHub and change the way in which you build your presentations? Reach out to us to know more!

Updated on: 05/26/2024

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