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What are inspiration slides?

Inspirations slides are “pre-made” designs to help you build better presentations faster. You can find them on the right side of the PowerPoint Add-In or on the Platform under 'Inspiration slides'.

You can find more than 4000 slides with diagrams, maps, charts, and more in your inspiration library. We have two formats: widescreen and 4:3.

Pro tip: Inspiration slides are great when you already have some bullet points or concepts, and you need them to look visually appealing.

How to search content within inspiration slides:

There are 2 main ways to find a slide that matches the content on your slide

Use categories and subcategories to browse

Click on 'All' or navigate through the list of categories on the left.

Once you select a category you can narrow your search by clicking on a subcategory.

If you wish to select multiple categories or subcategories at the same time, click on CTRL + the subcategories you wish (for Mac users click on 'option').

Search based on keywords in the search bar at the top e.g. roadmap or strategy

Go to Inspiration Slides and simply start typing any term you need.

SlideHub will show you first company slides that have been used before with that term. It will also show slides containing that term.

For this example, we used the word: "Marketing"

How to edit inspiration slides?

All inspiration slides are PowerPoint shapes that can be ungrouped and manipulated.

You can change the size by pulling in the corner and holding down Shift to maintain aspect ratio.

You can also ungroup the elements by pressing Ctrl+Shift+G.

Now you can recolor elements, change the size etc.

Right- click to find specific term

Right-click over a word on your presentation and search that term directly through the SlideHub library.

Protip: In PowerPoint, Right-click on a word (works best with nouns) to find a slide.

How to add favorites

If you constantly use a type of slide, you can mark it as favorite by clicking on the star icon. It will then get saved on “Favorites”

How to insert 1 slide

To insert one slide, hover over the slide you like and simply click on “**Insert & Adjust**”. The slide will be added with the active template on your presentation.

How to insert multiple slides

To insert multiple slides, click on the slides and then click on the button below that says. “**Insert & Adjust**”. Selected slides will appear with a checkmark on SlideHub before being added to your presentation.

To unselect a slide, click on it again to make remove the checkmark.

How to keep template or generic template:

You can choose between Inserting them and using the template you’re actively using or keeping the style the inspiration slide comes with.

Insert and keep template: Maintains generic colors when inserted to a presentation.

Insert and use active template: Takes color elements previously set up by your company and applies it with the Template associated.

### How to change colors

You can adjust your inspiration slides to use customized colors.

1) Click on “Additional Color Palette” on the menu on the right.

2) Look for the inspiration colors you prefer and click on “Select”. They will now become the new active color palette. You require manager permissions to set new color palettes for your company.

3) You can now insert inspiration slides using customized color palettes. You can still edit the colors once added to your presentation.

How to change between 4:3 and 16:9 formats:

You can also decide to search content based on slide size.

To do this, go to “Insert inspirations Slides.
On the right side of the new window, you will see “Slide Actions”.

Click on "Show all sizes". "Show 4:3" o "Show Widescreen" . Note that you will see content with the format of the number actively visible.

Protip: 4 : 3 is easier to print if you don’t have a widescreen printer

If you want to know more, we suggest you go to[ this link](/en-us/article/how-can-i-toggle-between-content-in-43-and-169-i8ro66/).

How to preview

You can increase the size of a slide by hovering your mouse on top of the slide. To see the slide in detail, you can click on the magnifier in the bottom right of the slide.

How to send a specific request to SlideHub

Maybe you fill find a slide you like but would like edited to make it easier to work with. For example, a great comparison table, but you need 7 bullet points, instead of 3.

If this is the case, click on “Use as reference” when you select a slide and then send extra comments to us. This doesn’t have any extra cost and will make the inspiration library more helpful.

How to rate slides

If you find a slide you particularly like or would even like to ask for a specific type of design to be added, you can click on “**Thumbs Up**” and the SlideHub Team will work to have more similar styles added to the Inspiration Library.

We’re constantly adding new slides to the inspiration library to offer more creative ways to showcase your work.

If you would like to make suggestions or ask for something specific, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success Team.

Updated on: 05/12/2024

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