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How can I add personal colors to my library?

Adding personal inspiration colors is helpful when you:

Work in your client’s templates and use their colors
Want the inspiration slides to have a particular set of colors when you insert inspiration slides to your presentation

If you prefer, you can look at the video below. Click to 06:00 to see how to set up personal colors or click here.

1) Open the PowerPoint Add-In

2) Click on “Insert Inspiration Slides”

3) Go to “Personal Slides” on the left of your dashboard.

4) Click on “Manage slides" to the right. A new window will open.

5) Select a template from which you would like to obtain a color palette. You can even include a new one you had worked with recently.

6) After you have uploaded your template, go to "Inspiration colors" and create a new one.

7) Select your template follow the steps.

8) Select your primary and secondary colors and end the configurations for your library.

That's it, you will now have your color palette saved with the rest of the existing color palettes.

Why should I set up automatic inspiration colors?

Automatic inspiration colors allows you to determine the colors your inspiration slides should have when inserted into your presentation. It saves you time so you don't have to make color adjustments manually each time.

Who can set up the library colors?

All user roles except accountant

Why would I add colors different to the ones of my company?

This happens often when a certain organization member keeps working with a specific client and needs to keep presentations consistent not only for its own company, but for their customers as well.

If you need help to set up, you company’s colors you can send a message to our Customer Success Team and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Updated on: 05/17/2024

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