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Bulk auto-tagging feature

What is the bulk auto-tagging feature?

It is a feature you can use when you need to create and map a large number of tags with the items you have uploaded to the library (regardless of the asset type, except for text snippets), e.g., when you have 100 icons with 300 tags, etc. The Bulk Auto-Tagging feature allows you to create tags and map them out without doing it manually.

What should you consider before using the feature?

Since the feature only creates tags when it finds the identified existing items from the library, it's crucial to upload all items mentioned in the Excel file to the library before upload Excel file.
It is always better to add Sticker labels if possible (Especially for asset type Slides), even if the feature accept searching for matching items via File names, it is not 100% reliable, but Sticker label can be guaranteed.
*Icons, Images, Documents, sheets: In the first column, please add file formatting after the name of the file (e.g. Asset A.svg/jpg/png/docx/xlsx)
*Text snippet's title is considered Sticker labels.

Only Excel files (.xls) with the correct formatting for the heading column are accepted, so it's important for you to double-check the formatting of the contents

First column’s heading copy should be “File names/ sticker labels”
Second column’s heading copy should be : “Tag names”
The tag names should be separated by one of these visual separators: “, (Comma)” “; (Semicolon)” “. (Period)” “/ (Slash)”
The file must contain only one tab - If you are using downloaded template, then the "SlideHub instruction" tab should be deleted
Both of the columns must contain contents per line

If in doubt, we advise you to download correct template from the "Tag" tab in the Manage asset view

What do you need to pay attention to when using the feature?

After uploading the Excel file, the system will provide a file summary before starting auto-tagging and creation.

The summary will highlight potential issues that may require manual review after tags are created and mapped. If the file includes any of the following problems, they will be reported in the summary view:
Duplicated asset with unique tags- Some rows contain duplicated contents both in first and second columns and item(s) identified in the library - The system will create tags and link them to one of the duplicated items, even if the content is identical.
Duplicated asset with different tags- Duplicate first column content with different tags mentioned and item(s) identified in the library - All tags will be created and added to one of the items.
No matching assets- No match found between the first column item and library items - Tags will not be created even the tag names are provided.
Multiple asset from library detected- Matches found between the first column item and multiple library items. Regardless of whether the multiple library items are the same files - Tags will not be created even the tag names are provided.
Separator formatting off- Unusual tagging format - Different separators have been used than the selected separator or The number of tags created for one item is 20% less than the avg. number of tags per item: Tags will be created as best as the system can interpret.
Duplicated tag names per line- If the line in excel file contains duplicated tag names - Only one tag will be created among the duplicated tag names.

What can you expect from the feature ?

The feature can

Recognize existing tags and use them instead of creating new ones
Map identified library items with tags

The feature cannot

Determine if the tags and their matched items logically correspond
Correct typos
Differentiate between capital and lowercase letters

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our team via chat or by email to

Updated on: 05/14/2024

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