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How to manage Teams?

Why is adding teams to my SlideHub company useful?

Creating Teams is a great way to divide slides based on the type of work separate groups of people create. Typical Team use-cases could be based on clients, project type (e.g., implementation) or industry (e.g., pharma).
The Team functionality also allows you to create “Chinese Walls” as only members who are invited to a team can view the slides.

How can I manage Teams and permissions within Teams?

You can manage teams if you are an Account Owner, Manager or Gatekeeper.

Go to Manage view > Teams Setting.

Here, you'll have an overview of all teams and create new teams.
After you created a new team, you can assign people from your company to them. Click on the 'View' button and start adding members. There should always be at least one Team Manager per team. This user can be a Regular Member at your SlideHub account. Team managers can add new users, add other team managers, and manage the team-specific settings and library content.

Team specific settings

Users with a Manager role can also adjust the team specific settings. To do that go to 'Teams Setting' in the left navigation > Find he right team and click on 'View' > go to the 'Team Settings' tab.

Here you can find the team specific settings (very similar to the account settings):
Edit the Team name
Change the display icon to help your team members quickly identify the team in the navigation
You can determine whether only the Team Managers or everyone within the team can add content
Enable or disable the use of the Suggestion feature within the team
If you decide to enable to Suggestion feature, you can determine whether only mangers can suggest new slides or everyone
You can also set a default responsible who will get a notification when someone in your team suggests a slide
Adjust your Teams access to different assets
Delete the Team

How can I add slides to specific teams?

As an Account Owner, Manager or Gatekeeper go to the manage view on the platform or click on 'Manage assets' in the PPT add-in.

Go to 'Teams Setting' and make yourself Manager of the Team you wish to Manage.

Go to the left side of the screen and go to team library you would like to add the assets to

Go the top section, where it says 'Add New' and upload the file that you would like to share with that specific Team

Go through the Automatic File Verification process if needed

Choose categories, subcategories and tags

Select the slide or slides you want to add to the Team

Now, the system will automatically scan for similar slides within the library, so you can avoid duplicates

If you uploaded multiple slides, now you are able to individually label them

When you are done click on 'Save & continue' and that's it.

That team will now be able to see those slides. It might take a few minutes before the slides show up in the add-in, but you can track the progress in the overview.

How can I delete a Team?

If you wish to delete a team, simply go to Teams Setting, click on the 'View' button of the team you would like to delete. Now, click on the 'Team Settings' tab and scroll to the bottom, and you'll see the 'Delete team' button.

Note. If you believe that there are any relevant assets you would like to keep, consider copying or moving them o other teams or to the main company library before deleting.

If you wish to know more about the Teams feature or believe you could provide valuable input, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Success Team.

Updated on: 05/20/2024

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