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How can I add slides to my company library?

Watch our admin walkthrough to see how to add and manage slides

Click here to jump to the right section within the video or go to 02:45 in the video below

You can easily add slides or full presentations to your company library by following these steps:

1) Go to manage view. You can do that by clicking on 'Manage assets'** in the add-in (see picture below) or go to the platform and then click 'Go to manage view' on the bottom left corner**
2) Click on the team you want to add the slide to or the company library and then go to "Add New" under the "Slides" section.

When a presentation is uploaded on SlideHub Platform, before starting the process of adding it to the company library, the system automatically validates it. If any “issues” arise a warning will appear so the user can resolve it (Read more about the automatic file validation here). After the scanning is done, you can choose how you would like to upload them

3) Upload the slide or presentation and then choose how you would like to upload them.

"Stand-alone" slides will upload the presentations as individual slides.
"Presentation" will upload the file as a whole presentation and will also offer the option to select some, or all of the slides to be uploaded as individual slides.

4) Add labels - categories, subcategories, tags - to your slides(s) and presentations.

4.1 If you choose ‘Add as a presentation’ you will still be able to choose certain slides to be uploaded as standalone slides and set individual labels for them.

5) When you choose to upload a presentation, you can also select the cover slide for it, so it’s easier to recognize it in the future.

Awesome! You have added your first batch of slides to your company library. You can now check out how it looks for a user if you open your add-in and go to your company library.

Pro tip

Upload slides in batches instead of everything at once. This gives your team access to great slides early on and they will find new slides when you add a new batch.

How can I delete a slide?

Go Manage view > chose the library you need to delete the slides from > Slides. Select the slide(s) you wish to remove and click on the Delete button.

How can I edit or add more slides to existing company presentations?

To add, delete or manage individual slides within a slide deck first go to Manage view on the platform. Then, go to the “Overview” section inside of the company library or the specific team library that the slides deck is part of.

Open an existing deck by clicking on the gear icon on the bottom-right corner.

ProTip: Remember that decks, unlike individual slides, will have a pink sticker with a clip on the top-right corner.

After you click on the gear, select the “Edit Slides” tab.

Finally select individual slides if you wish to delete them or click on the “Add Slides” button to the right.

Select a new presentation if you wish or choose from the existing slides in your library.

Select the individual slides you would like to insert and click on “Next”.

That’s it, now your slides are part of an existing deck. You can change the order of your slides by dragging them through the overview of your deck.

Once you are happy with the order, simply click on "Save changes".

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Customer Success Team.

Updated on: 05/14/2024

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