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How do I customize inspiration slides for my organization?

If you prefer, you can look at this video and learn how to do it.

If you wish to change the inspiration colors for your company, you can go to Manage Library Content then to Manage Content and go to Inspiration Colors . Click on the gear icon to edit them or Create New to create a new color palette.

You can also follow these steps.

1) Login to your account:

2) Go to

3) Click on Templates & Colors

4) Click Create new in the top-right corner

5) Select your template (if you have not uploaded a template you can do it in "Templates")

6) Select the specific layout to be applied when inserting the slide and click in "Continue"

7) Select your primary colors. These two first colors should reflect the most representative colors of your company or logo.

8 ) Select your secondary colors.

9) Set your text and background color

10) Determine if you want to keep icons or would rather keep placeholders to edit them later on.

11) Select the font that should be used on your inspiration slides. Using the normal body text font is the best option.

12) Save the name of the inspiration color palette

13) Choose if you would like this to be the default color palette for your team or if you would prefer it to be only an option.

Pro-tip. You can Download a preview to see if you like how the color palette will look like once you apply it.

Why should I set-up automatic inspiration colors?

Automatic inspiration colors let's you determine the colors your inspiration slides should have when inserted into your presentation. It saves you time so you don't have to make color adjustments manually.

Who can set up the library colors?

Account Owners, Managers and Gatekeepers.

Why would I add colors different to the ones of my company?

This happens often when a certain organization member keeps working with a specific client and needs to keep presentations consistent not only for its own company, but for their customers as well.

How can I delete a color palette?

If you want to delete a color palette, go to the Templates and Colors Tab in the Company Slides section of your account and click on the gear icon.
Then click on "Delete"

If you need help to set up your company’s colors you can send a message to our Customer Success Team and we will be happy to assist you.

Updated on: 02/09/2023

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