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Can I book your services for a specific time?

Yes. When you send a task through our regular design service, we can’t guarantee that the deadline will not be pushed due to our capacity limitations due to volatility for the service.

Booking Capacity is useful when you need SlideHub to guarantee a specific deadline.

How can I send a Booking Capacity task?

You can email us a task at, or you can go to Send Task > Book Capacity.
Please see the video below for more information on how to send a Booking Task

Will the cost increase?

No. Booking Capacity is a feature available for any of our users without any extra cost. However, cancelling the booking after an hour or failing to submit the working file may result in a payment fee.

What happens if I need to submit more slides that what I have originally thought?

If you send more slides than the booked capacity, we will check if we can rescope the request and most likely will require a deadline extension.
And if not possible to rescope then the excess slides will be treated as a new task under the first come, first serve rules.

Please note, in order for us to be able to work on a booking task, we require you to send the booking request 6 hours in advance of the actual booking.

How can I book a task?

Once you have logged in the platform or PowerPoint Add-In, select the type of design treatment you would like to apply to your task (please note we don't offer 'Not Standard' tasks with this type of booking). You can choose more than one.

Give us more details and information about your task for us to better understand what you require.

Select the delivery deadline, submission time and your time zone.

Add (if any) preliminary files you would like us to have a look at:

Can I cancel my bookings?

Yes, however, our cancellation period is set only for one hour, otherwise there will be a penalty fee.
Within the first hour of us receiving your booking, you can cancel the booking without any cost.
After the initial 1 hour of us receiving the booking, the request will be charged a maximum of 5 hours. The only exception is if the task was already smaller than 5 hours.

What happens if I don’t submit my file within the deadline?

If you don’t submit your file within 1 hour after the submission deadline - the project will be automatically cancelled. In this case you will be charged 5 hours maximum. The only exception is if the task was already smaller than 5 hours.

If you submit your file within 1 hour after the submission deadline - you can choose whether SlideHub works on a reduced number of slides, changes the scope of the work (e.g. reduce the slide count or do brush-up instead of visual enhancement) or extend the deadline for having the file delivered. This delay in handing in the files may also affect the Designer Reserved Capacity Hours and may imply an increase of hours over the original Scope.

If you would like to know more or still have questions, please send a message to our Customer Success Team

Updated on: 05/16/2024

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