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How long does it take to deliver a task?

Time will depend on the complexity of the task, however, our minimum turn-around is 3 hours. We always strive to deliver the tasks as soon as possible giving you an even faster turn-around.

How do you determine the turnaround?

SlideHub considers:

• Number of slides
• Type of task e.g., brush-up or visual enhancement
• Amount of content.

Our Delivery Team will then scope your task and respond to you with an estimated delivery time.

Our average turnaround examples can be found below but keep in mind that these are examples and may vary based on the demand, city and complexity of the task.

Average turnaround times

Why does the amount of time change for similar tasks?

At SlideHub we aim to provide a reliable experience, therefore we don’t overpromise and take into account the amount of work our delivery team has before setting a due date.

If you have experienced that a similar task had a longer return date it might be because our delivery team scoped the task to be more complex or our team decided to assign a specific teammate for it to keep consistency.

How can I make sure my task gets prioritized?

We operate based on a first-comes-first serve principle and therefore we are not able to guarantee that we can meet your requested deadlines every time.
This doesn’t mean you can’t get your tasks prioritized. You can pre-book a task and we will make sure to have a dedicated team for it. You can learn about pre-booking here.

If you would prefer to create presentations on your own we sugget you try our Software Add-in or request you company Manager to authorize it for you.

Updated on: 06/28/2022

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