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How much does a task cost?

The cost of a task depends on the number of slides and the type of design required.

The four main types of design tasks you can send, and their respective productivity levels are:

Visual Enhancement:

1-2 slides per hour.
We improve the structure and/or add new graphic elements.


3-5 slides per hour.
Clean-up and ensure consistent formatting according to the client guidelines

Light Brush-up:

6-8 slides per hour. 
Fast, cost-effective brush-up alternative useful for appendix, early drafts, or internal presentations.


This can vary depending on the content.
Saving time by making input editable and structured from screenshots or pictures. 

The way we calculate the total cost for each task is:

Type of design x number of slides x hourly rate = total cost

If you would like to know in more detail what each task includes or which is one is the most appropriate for your slides, we suggest looking at this file.

Cost examples:

(Please note that these are only examples and costs may vary)

Small deck (15 slides)

Mixed work (5 slides brush-up, 5 slides Light brush-up, 3 slides Visual enhancement, 2 slides no work)

Example for average small task

Medium deck (30 slides)

Mixed work (7 slides Visual enhancement, 15 slides light brush-up, 5 slides brush-up, 3 slides no work)

Example of average medium task

Large deck (100 slides)

Mixed work (10 slide visual enhancement, 40 slides Light Brush-up, 20 slides brush-up, 30 slides no work)

Example of average large task

How can I pay for my task?

SlideHub uses a Pre-Paid Credit business model. With Pre-Paid Credits, you purchase hours (credits) before using the service.

What should I do before I run out of Credits?

There are 3 ways in which you can add more credits to your account.

Have them refilled automatically once your account has fewer credits than the ones you set
Manually add them if you are and Account Owner or Manager.
Ask one of our Project Managers to add more on your next task.

If you require further assistance or would like to know if your company can apply for a “High-volume discount” get in touch with our Customer Success Team.

Updated on: 04/19/2022

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