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How to provide instructions for the PowerPoint designers?

When sending tasks to our team for the first time it will be natural to have questions. To help you get back what you want, we have created some simple tips and tricks.
To understand how to provide instructions, check out this short video:

1. State potential deadlines:

Some companies have offices spread across the world, so terms such as “tomorrow by noon” might leave room for error.

8:00 AM CET

Tomorrow before I leave the office.

2. Write short and clear instructions.

Avoid adding unneeded context on the presentation that could distract the design team from what you need.

Brush-up slide 1-7, 9-23 and 26.
Visual enhance slide 8, 24-25.
Add icons

We are working on a new proposal for a potential client and need our presentation to be reworked and look more professional. Different team members have provided input so you will find some issues with multiple styles and design. We would like to get help from you with ensuring consistency and taking some of the slides to the next level. When can you have this done?

3. Use yellow stickers for detailed instructions – when it is not self-explanatory

One of the best ways to send instructions is to add a yellow sticker (squared box) and put it on the corner of the slide with quick instructions.

Add yellow stickers

4. State which template to use

If you work in your company's regular template or work in your client's template, state in the instructions which one should be used to avoid confusion.

5. Get familiar with SlideHub’s terminology

Our project managers will verify each of your requests, however, if you know the differences between Brush up, Visual enhancement, and Recreation you will not only save credits but save time and avoid mistakes.

You can see the difference between these types of tasks here

6. Be available to clarify potential questions 20 minutes after task submission

As soon as you send a request, our project managers will start scoping your task and make sure everything is understood before working. We kindly ask you to stay close to your email for 20 minutes after sending a task in case any questions arise.

7. Share inspiration material

If you have a certain style you want us to replicate, please share the material and label it inspiration material.

Here you can see an example of a Recreation from a picture, but you can include screenshots or images.



8. Ask for options when you want different slides to choose from

If you’re unsure of what you want, you can ask our team to give you options for the same slide. We will take your input and provides variations for you to choose from.

9. Help us clear any questions

Our Project Managers will always get in touch to make sure they are correctly assuming your instructions, however, if you believe the task is too complex you may always request a quick phone call with one of our Project Managers or read more about the guidelines above.

10. Give us feedback

Your feedback is invaluable to us. By rating us at the end of each task and telling us what you liked and what you didn’t we can continue serving you and providing with better service each time.

If you would like to better understand the process of sending and receiving a task we recommend you watch this video (note we no longer offer Light Brush-Up):

If you think you require further assistance don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team.

Updated on: 05/16/2024

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