Sending tasks
Tasks can be sent directly via the SlideHub PowerPoint add-in to our Project Managers, thereby eliminating the need to work from your email account or via our website customer portal.

Selecting the slides
By selecting one of the pre-fabricated options of slide selection, the instructions are automatically changed to match the selected option.

Selecting the style
Selecting a style will give our designers a better starting point for working on the slides. If your organization have several styles that are used, you will have the option too choose from any of these.

Providing instructions
The instruction field will be populated automatically based on the three selection options available. Feel free to add any additional instructions that are needed in order to execute on your task.

Choose between 6 of the prefabricated deadlines or write a specific time in the instruction field. If writing a specific time, please make sure to include the time zone.

Project Codes
Adding a project code will affect the specifications on the invoice by breaking down the cost on each project code and user that sent the task.

Add people in CC
If you want some of your colleagues to receive the returned file then you can add them in the CC. Be aware that adding people in CC will also include them in any dialogue related to the task.

Ongoing tasks
In the ongoing tab, you can see how far in the process that each project are. You also have the option to update the associated project code if you did not include it when you sent the project to us.

Completed tasks
In the completed tab, you can get an overview of concluded projects, download return files and submit ratings of projects.
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