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How can I add more credits for my tasks?

To add more credits to your account, you need to have “Account” or “Manager” permissions. The credits you purchase will be available for all the people in your organization and will allow you to continue using the design service.

1) First, enter your SlideHub Account through the platform or the PowerPoint add-in.

2) Go to the “Account Settings” section to the left. If you are the Owner or have specific permissions, you will be able to the see the “Credits” tab.

3) Click on the “Add Credits” button.

Add credits view

4) Add the number of credits you wish to add for your company. Please note that the minimum number of credits SlideHub requires is ten and they will be applied to everyone at your organization.

Minimum purchase allowed is for 10 credits

If you are not an Admin with invoicing rights, you can ask our team to add credits and issue an invoice depending on your organization’s settings. You can also avoid this issue with automatic top-up credits and have credits added automatically.

Please note that credits will expire if not used in a period of one year. You can reactivate your credits by making a new purchase.

If you require further assistance don’t hesitate to reach the Customer Success Team for help or ask our Delivery Team to add more credits while you are on a Task.

Updated on: 03/29/2023

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