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How can I track separate tasks for my company?

If your organization wants, you can associate each task with a project code. This will help you identify the specific costs that occurs on each project throughout the month.

Is there a specific project code format?

There are no requirements for the format of the project codes.

Is there a default project ID?

If not specified otherwise there will not be a project ID associated with your tasks. This mean that tasks sent from the same user in a given month will be collapsed into a single invoice line.

How can I specify the project format ID?

If you are the account owner or manager, you can specify the project ID format. Go to manage view > Service Settings > Project IDs.

Too see how the invoices are specific with project codes, click here.

How can I know how much my organizations has spent?

If you are the account owner or manager, you can track the spend across the organization two ways:
Looking at the invoices
Through service usage statistics. Go to Send Task > Credits & Usage. Here you can find the usage statistics related to the design service. For a more detailed overview where you can filter based on months, click on the 'Details' tab.

If you need more help or would like to clear specific questions about your invoices we suggest reaching out to our Finance Team

Updated on: 05/07/2024

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