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How to invite more users to your company?

Who can invite new users?

The decision of who can invite new users to your organization account is made by the Account Owner or Managers.

How can I add new users?

If you have permissions to invite new users, it can be done through the Users Setting (Users tab) in the Manage view. Alternatively, you can send the list of new users to the customer success team and they will help you set it up.

Invite users individually or add multiple users at the same time by inserting an Excel file

Can I add multiple people at the same time?

Yes. We know companies can have hundreds of users, so we added the option to “Upload Excel file'. instead of manual inviting everyone. The file must contain the column header: Email and optionally Role (Member, Manager, Gatekeeper, PlatformOnly, Accountant).

Can I allow them to register by themselves?

Yes. To do this go to the Account Settings > User Access.
You can allow members to join by email, by a request or only by invitation.

Users can join your organization 3 different ways

As default users with the same email domain and a verified email can join the company – if you are the manager of the account, you can change this setting here.

Can my current members invite new members?

Yes. However, you can change this as a manager. To change this setting go to Users Setting > User Access, and you'll find the 'Ability to invite others' section here. You can decide whether non-managers of the company should be allowed to send invites to new people or only the users with the Manager role.

Choose who can invite others to your organization

What role will the new users get by default when they join?

If the user hasn't been invited manually or if you haven't specified the user role when you uploaded the excel file, the members will automatically receive a normal Member role. If you want them to have a different role by default when they join your account go to Users Setting > User Access > 'Default user role' section. You can decide between the following roles: Member, Platform Only, Manager, Gatekeeper, Accountant.

Default role users get assigned when they join your account

Can I limit who can see all the users that use the platform?

Yes. You have to option to limit user overview to managers only. To do so go to Users Setting > User Access > 'Limit user overview to managers'section.

Limit user overview

If you wish to edit the permissions other members at your company have, we suggest you read the article: How can I manage my team's permissions?

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success Team.

Updated on: 05/08/2024

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