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How to add and manage company Images?

Managers, Account Owners, and Gatekeepers can add images to their company library. This will help your teammates find company images directly in PowerPoint while being on-brand. This could be office pictures, CV pictures when you need to staff a project or specific industry imagery. Find and insert other company assets in seconds

If you wish to do this, you can watch this video (click here to jump to the relevant section of the video or skip forward to 09:57) or follow the next steps:

1) Go to the manager view. You can access the manage view by going to the platform or directly from the PowerPoint add-in

Through the add-in: click on 'Manage assets’
On the platform: click on ‘Go to manage view’ in the bottom left corner of the window

2) (If you are a manager for multiple libraries choose the library you want to add the images to and) ‘Click on Images’ tab

3) Go to ‘Add Images’ and upload up to 50 images or company illustrations at the same time. SlideHub accepts JPEGs, PNGs and SVGs

If your images are named correctly, and you would like to keep the file name as a visual label and tag for your images you can enable the ‘Automated tag and labels’ to save yourself some manual work. If your images’ names for example include the company name (e.g. Elisabeth SlideHub) but you do not want to have the company name included in the label (visual label and tag) you can exclude it. Choose the ‘Enabled adjusted name’ and just write the part of the file name that should be excluded.

4) After uploading the image(s), label them so your colleagues can easily find them - based on categories, subcategories, tags and visual labels

You’re done! Now you and your team will see the new images on your company’s library.

How can I delete an image?

If you need to delete an image go to the Manage view and then go to company images Overview. Click on the image or images you want to delete, and then click on Delete

If you have questions or would like to have more assistance, don’t hesitate to reach to our Customer Success Team.

Updated on: 05/14/2024

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