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How can I ensure consistent slides in separate tasks?


We often have clients refer to previous tasks we have delivered for them when requesting redesigns on new projects - from keeping the same style, to reusing certain slide structures or simply implementing the same template.

How to ensure consistency across separate projects:

Optimally you would warn the project managers before hand so that they may plan for the next task you will send and even use the same designer, if possible
However, if you have not been able to do so, you can send your new task as normal and just add the task ID of the project you would like the project managers to refer to on the new task description
Simply state the task ID and what you would like to be taken from the previously delivered task (template, slide structure, style of slides, etc.)

If you have any questions on the best way to proceed you can always email the project managers at and explain your needs - We will be happy to guide you on the best path to take!

Updated on: 05/16/2024

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