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How can I filter content in my library?

SlideHub helps you search slides based on categories, sub-categories, keywords, and tags instead of folders. This way you can find all relevant content faster.


Within the different document types available in SlideHub Platform if you use category terms you will see the slides, images, documents or sheets that have been tagged with that category. Example: If you click on “Funnel” your results will show slides in the funnel category.


Subcategories will help you also to narrow your search based on the content on your slide, document or excel. For example, if you have 5 steps in a customer journey and need to find a funnel that shows 5 steps. Click on the category “Funnel” and click on the subcategory “5 bullets”.

You will also see the existing subcategories below the search bar.

Pro-tip: Hold down Ctrl+ a given subcategory to narrow your search even further. E.g., click on funnel -> horizontal + ctrl+ 3 bullets to only show horizontal funnels with 3 bullets

You can also look for pre-made categories or categories created by your company on the left-hand side of your navigation panel.

Keywords can be specific or contain just a general idea of the type of content. The SlideHub search function automatically also scans the content of the file for keywords. You can even reuse specific terms searched recently or search popular terms. If you use a popular term like “swot” you will be able to access it without typing it again.


Tags work like invisible categories. If you tag a slide with “Cost analysis” it will show up if you search for “Cost analysis” even though it does not contain text that says, “cost analysis”.

ProTip: Did you know that SlideHub scans the slides and shows results based on the actual text. Example: If you search on Agile implementation, you will see all slides that have the words “Agile implementation”

If you wish to find content that has two or more categories or keywords, just insert the word AND between them.

Can I manage my categories and subcategories?

Yes. You can manage categories and subcategories for your personal slides. If you wish to do this, we suggest you go to this article, where you will see how to do this in more detail. How to manage categories

If you require further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Customer Success Team.

Updated on: 09/06/2023

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