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How Documents / Word Files work

Users who have acquired the PowerPoint Asset Software can now access it on Microsoft Word and Excel sheets.

How can I install it?

You can download it directly from the Microsoft Store.
Additionally, you can insert it directly from Microsoft Word. To do type the word Add In in the search box and open the "Insert and Add-In" option.

Then type "SlideHub" and add it for Word or all Microsoft 365 suite.

Log in and join your organization using your Microsoft365 credentials.

What can I do with the Microsoft Word Add-In?

As with our PowerPoint Software, you can insert documents approved by your organization. To open a file go to the panel to the right and click on "Insert SlideHub documents"

Select the file you want to insert. You can chose between inserting it in your current file, downloading it as a .docx or donwload it as a PDF.

Can I insert material from the PowerPoint SlideHub Software?

Yes. Slides can be inserted as images in your Word files. Additionally, you also have access to license-free images and other images provided by your organization.

Can I use text snippets in the Word Add-In?

Yes. You can access all text snippets created by your organization.
You insert a text snippet, click on the button to the right and then select the bit of text you would like to insert in your file.

Please note that the default format of text snippets is Times New Roman. Library Managers can customize the default style.

If you need more help, you can reach out to

Updated on: 10/12/2023

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