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How to follow the statistics of your team's SlideHub use

Statistics are important

Utilizing statistics to your advantage is a valuable practice. It provides insights into your team's functioning and the utilization of your company's resources. The Statistics tab encompasses a broad range of aspects, offering transparency into how your team engages with the SlideHub Asset platform. Our aim is to make it easy and transparent for you as a manager to follow the statistics of your team's SlideHub use. You can follow a wide range of aspects in the Statistics tab in Slidehub from usage to contributions.

Just open the SlideHub Panel in PowerPoint, first click on manage assets and then on the little chart in the left-hand navigation to access the Statisticstab. Or follow this link.

First a general overview is visible, you'll find information on top-level platform metrics. This includes the total number of users, active users, pending invitations, historical activities, and the count of company assets. Clicking on the tabs Activity Per Type, Asset Specific Activity, Asset Added and Active Users will unveil further information.

The Activity per Type tab reveals how your company utilizes various asset types over time, encompassing slides, templates, contributions, icons, images, and illustrations. It also tracks the use of dynamic actions and version control features.

The Asset Specific Activity tab allows a detailed exploration of who is using specific assets. Users can select a vault, asset type, and apply additional filters to delve into usage details. This feature is particularly useful for understanding individual preferences within your company.

The Asset Added tab offers an in-depth examination of company assets, presenting a total overview across categories and contributions added by month. This includes specifics on company slides, team slides, icons, and images.

The Active Users tab provides a comprehensive overview of users, their historical activity, and downloaded assets

Watch the video below for an overview of the Statistics tab.

This information is here to help you pinpoint what works best for your company and to show what may need development. Feel free to tell us what additional data needs you have, we are always open to suggestions to make SlideHub Platform better at

Updated on: 11/22/2023

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