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How to manage content for Teams

Why is adding teams to my SlideHub company useful?

Creating Teams is a great way to divide slides based on the type of work separate groups of people create.

Typical Team use-cases could be based on clients, project type e.g., implementation or industry e.g., pharma.

The Team functionality also allows you to create “Chinese Walls” as only members who are invited to a team can view the slides.

 Team managers can add new users, add other team managers, and manage the team-specific library content. (More features coming soon).

You can manage teams if you are an Account Owner, Manager or Gatekeeper:

First, got to “Manage Library Content”, then click on the left side, where it says “Users and Teams”.

You can create new teams and assign people from your company to them. There should always be a Team Manager per team. This user can be a Regular Member at your SlideHub account.

How can I add slides to specific teams?

1) As an Account Owner, Manager or Gatekeeper click on “Manage Library Content”

2) Go to User & Teams and make yourself Manager of the Team you wish to Manage.

3) Go to the left side of the screen and go to “Manage Assets”

4) Go the top section, where it says: “Team Slides”. The click select your Team.

5) Upload the file that you would like to share with that specific Team.

6) Choose categories, subcategories and tags

7) Select the slide or slides you want to upload

That's it. That team will now be able to see those slides. It might take a few minutes before the slides show up in the add-in, but you can track the progress in the overview.

If you wish to delete a team, simply got the Teams section and click on the button to the right that says "Delete"

SlideHub will be adding more features coming soon!

If you wish to know more about the Teams feature or believe you could provide valuable input, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Success Team.

Updated on: 11/18/2022

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