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How to manage your company's Images

Managers, Account Owners, and Gatekeepers can add images to their company library. This will help your teammates find company images directly in PowerPoint while being on-brand. This could be office pictures, CV pictures when you need to staff a project or specific industry imagery.

If you wish to do this, you can watch this video or follow the next steps:

1) As a Manager, go to "Manage library content"

2) Go to "Manage Content" to the left, and then to the tab "Company Images"

3) Go to "Add Images" and upload up to 20 images. SlideHub accepts JPEGs and PNGs.

4) Add Tags and add categories and subcategories.

You’re done! Now you and your team will see the new images on your company’s library.

If you need to delete an image go to "Manage Library" and then go to company images. Click on the image or images you want to delete, and then cick on "Delete".

If you still have questions or would like to have more assistance, don’t hesitate to reach to our Customer Success Team.

Updated on: 01/03/2023

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