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How to update a single slide in your company library within PowerPoint

Company slides and content can change over time. Updating them across platforms would be a hassle, but with SlideHub Platform this is no longer a large effort​. Anytime your content changes, update it quickly and easily​!

1) To update a single slide, first insert the slide you would like to edit from your company library directly from the SlideHub Platform into your presentation.

Insert slide to update

IMPORTANT: Make sure to download the slide directly from SlideHub before editing them, so the slides can be recognised by the system.

2) Modify and adjust the slide as you see fit in PowerPoint.

3) Go to the SlideHub panel and click on "1 slides found - all recent"

Number of slides found

4) Select the slide and click on the button update in library

Update in library

And you are ready! The most recent version of this slide will now be available for your whole company.

If you need any assistance or help, don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support Team.

Updated on: 03/07/2023

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