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How to use Dynamic Actions to boost productivity

Dynamic Actions allow you to build slides faster. You select an element e.g., shape or icons and you get new actions for the element e.g., swap shapes and replace icons.

Watch this short video on how to use dynamic actions

How to open a new library template from an empty presentation using the dynamic actions

1. First open your PowerPoint and choose an empty template. A button will appear to “Start new presentation”. Click the button to insert your company’s default template.

2. Alternatively, click on the dropdown arrow and select a different template from your library.

3. Now you have a template that is on-brand to get you started.

How to swap 2 slide elements using dynamic actions

1. First start by selecting 2 elements of the same nature on the slide (It can be illustrations, images, icons, shapes, text boxes, charts).
2. A dynamic button will appear on the task pane to “Swap 2 selected shapes”. Click it to swap the position of the 2 elements.

3. The 2 selected elements have been swapped, keeping the original exact position.

How to replace an image or icon using dynamic actions

1. Start by selecting the icon or image that you want to replace with another from your library
2. Click on the “Replace 1 selected icon” to search in your library

3. The add-in window will open, and you can see that you are in “replace icon mode”
4. Choose the icon you wish to use to replace the current icon on the slide and press “Replace”

5. Your previously selected icon will have been replaced with the new one you have chosen.

That’s it! You’re all up-to-date on SlideHub’s dynamic action buttons.

If you need additional help, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Customer Success Team at SlideHub.

Updated on: 04/18/2023

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