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How can I manage my team member's Permissions?

To make changes to your team’s permissions you need to be an Account Owner or Manager

Where can I edit their permissions?

To change the Permissions or Roles for your team members, Click on "Manage Assets" and then on "User & Teams. Then click on the name of a team member to change their role.

This video might be helpful to understand the differences.

Edit users permissions

SlideHub has different types of users for organizations, and each one of them has access to specific actions.


Full access to everything on the client platform. There can only be one owner. The owner is changed in the company view.

Requesters are members of your organization who can send tasks from either the platform or the PowerPoint Add-In

Full access to the platform. Similar to the owner but cannot change the owner or delete the owner account. There can be many managers.

Person with full access to the guideline section and company library, but not member and pricing management.

Access limited to the invoice section and usage overviews, but not members, guidelines etc.
Software Only:

User cannot use the PowerPoint service, but only the slide library and toolkit

Where can I see the users in my organization?

To see the users and permissions of members of your organization, you need to log in into your account and click on the Users Tab on the left menu.

How to add new users

You will see it at the top of the Users Overview window inside of the Users Tab. You can add users by email or by uploading an Excel file. If you need more details, you can read our article: How to invite more users to your company.

How to delete a user

After clicking on the user's name, a new window will load, where you will see that user’s details. Scroll to the bottom and either “Delete Account” or “Remove from organization”. Deleted users will not be included at the end of that monthly invoice.

If you need more help or would like to know more, you can contact our Customer Success Team.

Updated on: 01/03/2023

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