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adding slides to your company library

You can easily add slides or full presentations to your company library by following these steps:

1) Go to library management. You can do that via the add-in (see picture below) or via your account on the website:
2) Click on the "add Slides" tab

3) Upload the file with the slides you want added to your company library. You get the chance to select which slides you want to add/include later so don't worry about slides you don't want included.
4) Determine if you want the slides added as separate slides or as a full presentation. Use "as separate slides" if you want to encourage your users to browse your library and only download the slides they need instead of a full presentation. Chose "As a presentation" if you have certain presentations where the majority of the slides are always used or they fit a story e.g. company presentations. You can always chose to select slides from your full presentation to be added as separate slides.
5) Add potential shared labels. Shared labels are categories, subcategories or tags that are applied to all your slides. Why use this: To save time if you know that all slides belong in e.g. in the same category or need the same tag. If they don't belong in the same category you can just click "Skip step" and categorize in the next step.
6) Click on the slides you want to categorize and add to your company library
7) Determine which category a slides belong to. When you select a category the nested subcategories will appear. Use those subcategories to make the categorization more detailed. You can also add new categories and subcategories on the fly. Click "Save & continue".
8 ) Repeat for the other slides.
9) Awesome! You have added your first batch of slides to your company library. You can now check out how it looks for a user if you open your add-in and go to your company library

Pro tip
Upload slides in batches instead of everything at once. This gives your team access to great slides early and they will find new slides when you add a new batch.
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