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How to get started with the Design Add-On as a User?

You can see all of the process in this video - note that we no longer offer Light Brush-Up

What is SlideHub's Design Service?

SlideHub is a PowerPoint productivity software and on-demand design service to help you build better presentations, faster.

Why should I use it?

To improve the visuals of your presentations and spend more time on more value-adding tasks, such as stakeholder interviews, analysis, data calculations etc.

How can SlideHub help?

You can send rough drafts, sketches or just some bullet points, and our team will transform your slides into beautiful presentations.
We will also respect your company’s guidelines and brand style, offering consistent designs on each PowerPoint file we deliver.

Read more here about the types of design support you can order.

Example of Visual Enhancement



How to send a task?

Sending a task is very simple, you can do it via our platform, through our PowerPoint add-in or by email.

If you wish to see this in more detail you can read this article.

What types of tasks can I send?

There are 4 main tasks you can send to SlideHub.
• Brush-Up: Taking your slides and formatting them consistently in your corporate template and style while following your company guidelines.
• Visual Enhancement: Changing your slides to be more visual and illustrative
• Recreation: Converting notes, pdf, pictures or drawings into PowerPoint elements.
• Non-Standard: Task that does not fit into our Standard Tasks, e.g., Brush-Up, Visual Enhancement or Recreation. It could be a task which involves Excel to PowerPoint, complex timelines, simple illustrations, etc.


You can learn more about our different design applications in this link.

How to provide instructions

• State potential deadlines
• Write short and clear instructions
• Use yellow stickers for detailed instructions – when it is not self-explanatory
• State which template to use
• Get familiar with SlideHub’s terminology
• Be available to clarify potential questions 20 minutes after task submission
• Share inspiration material
• Ask for options when you want different slides to choose from
• Help us clear any questions
• Give us feedback

Learn more here.

What are the turnaround times and opening hours?

SlideHub has teams in different time zones of the world, offering an almost 24/7 schedule to fit your needs.
The time for each individual task will depend on the type of design treatment as well as the content within the slide and our service capacity.
After sending a task, our Project Managers will scope it and send an email with the estimated delivery hour.

You can read more here.

Do I need to inform you in advance?

No. SlideHub works with a next-in-line service. The moment you send a task, we will send it to our team and have it delivered as soon as possible.

Can I “skip the line”?

Yes. SlideHub has created a “Book Capacity” feature. This way, you can reserve a group of designers and project managers to focus on your task at a specific time.

This feature has no additional cost and can save you a lot of time for future projects. If you wish to learn how to book capacity, we suggest you look at this article.

If you require more help or are unsure about any step of the process we suggest you writing to our Customer Success Team.

Updated on: 05/16/2024

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