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How to manage standard icons and their permissions (incl. icons, flags, logos)?

To change standard Icon settings, go to the Manage view > Assets Setting > click on the Icons tab.

Here you’ll find multiple setting you can adjust:
1) You can decide whether you want user to have access to your company icons - these are icons uploaded by you

If you would like to know more about how to add icon to your company library, we suggest you read this article.

2) You can decide whether you want user to have access to standard icons provided by SlideHub

2.1 If you enable the use of standard icons, you can determine whether you want only the managers or all users to have access to these standard icons

2.2 Among all the icon styles provided by SlideHub you can choose one default and multiple preferred icons, that you believe fits the best your company style

You can do so by scrolling to the bottom of the list. There you’ll have an overview of all the available icons and you are able to choose the preferred icons and the default. Your team will be able to see which ones are preferred and which aren’t.

Imortant to note. When users use the search bar to look for a specific icon, the icons with the default style will show up.

2.3 After you set the preferred icons, you are also able to decide whether users should only have access to/see the preferred icons or also the non-preferred ones

Pro tip: The advantage of "Full Access" is that your team can be more creative and download unique styles that might fit your clients' styles if you work in their template. The advantage of "No access to non-preferred icons" is increased brand compliance

Pros & cons of user access options to standard icons

2.4 You can see in the standard icons overview that some icon styles can automatically adjust to your selected color. You are able to determine whether these icon should be inserted in your selected color or not (but users can still change the icon colors in PowerPoint)

3) Last, you can access different flag and logo icons through the platform. You can also enable or disable the access to these individually

If you made any changes to the settings don’t forget to click ‘Save all’ before closing the window.

If you require more help, you can always contact our Customer Success Team.

Updated on: 05/16/2024

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