Here we are going to explain how the process of a task works from sending the file until receiving it. We are going to refer to the series of phases, or steps, that occur on our platform.

The Process

1. Sending a task to us

For our Team too start a project, we need to first receive a file. Like it is explained in detail on the "How to send a task?" section, the Requester can send the file via our email (, or through our Customer Portal.

The Team responsible will receive the files are our Project Managers of Design. In this phase, they will go through the task specifications to check if everything is clear to proceed. If so, they will move to the next step and the requester will receive a confirmation email stating the task is ongoing. In case there are missing information, the Project Manager in charge of the task will get back to the client with certain assumptions and/or interrogations. After the task is completely clear, the Project Manager will proceed to the next step.

2. Designing the project

After a Project Manager posts the project on the platform, he will contact a willing Designer to work on the task during those specific required hours.

During this process both the Designer and Project Manager are actively in charge of the project:
It's the Designer's responsibility to enhance the slides, making sure the final result will be according to the Client's comments and company's CVI;
It's the Project Manager's responsibility to check if the Designer properly followed the client's standards and if it needs iterations. He will also find solutions for challenging situations that can develop throughout this process and will be the one to contact the requester if communication is needed.

The Designer will then execute a quality check to the file where it will need to be approved by the Project Manager before it proceeds to the following step.

3. Final quality checking

After the approval is made, it's now the Project Manager's responsibility to do a final quality check to the file. Note that our Project Managers have a Design background, which makes them able to capably check the final projects with a thorough eye. This step of the process, as well as allocating a Designer, takes time, hence the fact we require a minimum of 6 hours turnaround.

4. Receiving the final file

As soon as the project is verified and considered finalized, it'll be sent through the platform. The Requester will receive an email regarding the file reception and will be able to download it through the link inside the email or via our Customer Portal. In case the Requester will need edits on the final file, we also provide that service.

This process has been continuously iterated so our Customers can have the pleasantest experience on our platform. For extra information regarding how the service works, please contact us at
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